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Amber wheeler

I was crying. Again.
My job had gotten so bad and so stressful – and this was my third breakdown that week.
I felt tired. I felt frustrated. I felt taken advantage of. And I had no one to blame but myself.
This seemed to be happening more and more. Once my employers caught wind of my skills in web design, graphic design, and social media, my job almost always morphed into doing all those things for WAY less than they were worth.
Yes, I had businesses approach me and offer me decent money to help them – but I had this problem about feeling like a fraud.
Imposter syndrome.
Who was I – a single mother in a small town – to pretend I was a social media expert?
I mean, sure. I’d grown up with social media. I’d learned the tips and tricks and tools so I could try to do something with my struggling photography business. And while I was seeing increases in my engagement, I felt stalled because – again – what would people say if I just quit my safe jobs to do something like that?
And then, it happened. COVID shut down everything. Businesses had to close – some of them for good. My heart broke for them. That tiny voice spoke up, again.
“Amber – you could have helped them! What are you doing? You know how to help them transition their business to being able to connect with customers online.”
I felt crushed. The voice was right. I could help them. I was being called to serve. Small businesses needed my knowledge.
So, I did it. I built up the courage and and started this adventure on my own to help small business owners to start the transition by helping you use digital advertising effectively for your business.
Your current customers and new customers are carrying a computer in their pocket and scrolling through their social media feeds just waiting for you.
I want your small business to succeed though this. I want your business to THRIVE!

Will you accept my help?

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