Who is Amber Wheeler?

Amber Wheeler is the Maven of Marketing. She is a self-taught copywriter and webmaster and has learned from experts in the field such as Rachel Pedersen, Billy Gene is Marketing, and Russell Brunson.

Amber is a second-generation sales and marketing expert and has worked alongside multi-million dollar companies to market their businesses. She spent 5 years marketing for non-profit organizations and 3 years marketing in for-profit organizations before venturing out to start her own company.
When she left her 9-5, she was able to replace her full-time income in her own business within 3 months.
When you’re ready to make more money, you need someone you can count on who treats your business as if it were their own when it comes to digital marketing.

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Amber's Books

How to Make Sense of Marketing

What Is Marketing and How to Do it Without Being Pushy

Written under a pen name, Amber helps to answer the big questions: What is marketing? How do I know I’m not missing out on customers when I advertise my business? How can I target my ideal customer? These are just some of the questions this book answers in a light and fun way. In these pages is marketing broken down into it’s simplest form for anyone to make sense of it.

Better Cellphone Photography in 3 Easy Steps

Kindle Edition

With today’s technology, everyone has a camera readily available. People are practically living their lives through the camera of their phones and documenting everything. 
So how do you get your photos to stand out from everyone else’s?
These quick tips will take your photography skills from drab to fab. They can be used for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even for your own personal use

Remember Why You Started

A 31-Day Weight Loss Journal

A 30 day journal to help keep you motivated through your weight loss journey

Learn Sales and Marketing

Queen Bee
Sales & Marketing
Full Course

 In this mastermind, I’ll show you exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling your products and services for your business. 

  • How to know what to say on social media
  • Why your copy and paste templates aren’t working
  • How to optimize your targeting so you stop wasting countless hours and dollars on the wrong audience.
  • How to sell your products or services without feeling like a used car salesman
  • How to grow your following online and be the queen bee in your industry – even if not everyone likes you

(Promise me you’ll only use these secrets
for good and not evil!)

Build Your Tribe - The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Influencer

Now, more than ever, we are living in an age of influencers. In years past, you had to be a well-known celebrity, politician, or leader to be considered an influencer. If you were just an average Joe, nobody paid much attention to you. The path to influence usually involved years of climbing social or political ladders.

Then the internet, social media, and smartphones came along and changed everything.

Learn Canva
Social Media

Canva – it’s what everyone talks about when they discuss how they built that great flyer or those amazing social media posts.Canva is the alternative to a complicated and time-consuming program like Photoshop. And best of all – it’s free to use!Don’t get left behind. In this course, You’ll be taken by the hand and walked through each section of Canva. You will learn how to use it so you can begin to create your own beautiful and dynamic posts for social media.

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